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Over 3,000 recycled plastic bottles used to create Liechtenstein stamp issue

Aug 17, 2020, 1 PM
This patchlike stamp to be issued Sept. 7 by Liechtenstein was embroidered using thread made from recycled plastic bottles.

By Denise McCarty

A new stamp from Liechtenstein was indirectly made from recycled plastic bottles.

This 6.30-franc stamp is scheduled to be issued Sept. 7. It was embroidered, and 3,100 plastic bottles were used to create the yarn, according to information from Philately Liechtenstein, the stamp department of Liechtensteinische Post.

The press release from Philately Liechtenstein said: “The stamp was produced by embroidery manufacturer Hammerle & Vogel in Lustenau, Austria. For this purpose, 3,100 PET [polyethylene terephthalate, a form of polyester] bottles with a volume of 600 ml [milliliters] each were processed to make cleaned flakes before producing a new high-quality polyester yarn from them.”

The stamp is large, almost 2 inches in diameter, and, according to the press release, almost 250 feet (75 meters) of the polyester yarn were used per stamp and more than 1,860 miles (3 million meters) for the entire print run of 40,000.

Philately Liechtenstein added that “This length is sufficient to border the outer border of the Principality of Liechtenstein forty times.”

The blue and green stamp shows a map of Western Europe on a circular, globelike background. The stamp is cut to shape around two of the three leaves on the left side of the design, forming an irregular circle.

The purpose of the stamp is to promote environmental protection and the recovery of recyclable materials from waste. And Philately Liechtenstein doesn’t want the stamp to go to waste, suggesting that if it isn’t used on mail or saved as a collectible that “it can also decorate your own clothes or other accessories to show your personal commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.”

Liechtensteinische Post will issue five other stamps on Sept. 7.

A 6.30fr stamp in a souvenir sheet of one commemorates the 500th death anniversary of Raphael, 1.50fr and 2.20fr stamps in the Princely Treasures series show hunting scenes by Peter Paul Rubens, and 1fr and 1.80fr stamps in the Village Views series feature Balzers.

For more information, visit the Philately Liechtenstein website, or write to Philately Liechtenstein, Alte Zollstrasse 11, 9494 Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein.

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