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Paper supply issues move Mountain Flora stamps’ date

Jan 10, 2022, 2 PM
Four flowers are illustrated on the 2022 Mountain Flora stamps to be issued March 14 in Alpine, Wyo.

By Jay Bigalke

The four Mountain Flora forever stamps will now be issued March 14 instead of the previously announced Feb. 17.

The United States Postal Service alerted Linn’s Jan. 10 about the date change, and USPS spokesman Jim McKean confirmed that the delay was because of a paper-supply issue.

When asked by Linn’s if this supply challenge could affect other stamp issues, William J. Gicker, USPS stamp services director, replied, “We and the printers are trying very hard to minimize any impacts.”

Gicker said: “Paper supply issues are unfortunately industry wide ... .  This one [the Mountain Flora stamps] was a particular issue because of it being a double sided booklet. The coils and panes are already complete.”

The USPS plans to issue the Mountain Flora stamps in double-sided panes (booklets) of 20 and coil rolls of 3,000 and 10,000.

The four stamps show a purple pasqueflower, an orange red wood lily, a bright yellow alpine buttercup and a dark pink Woods’ rose, respectively. The artwork for the stamps is based on hand-drawn illustrations of mountain flowers by Lili Arnold.

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