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Philatelic terms game played at recent Wisconsin stamp club meeting

Apr 5, 2023, 1 PM
A recent meeting of the Badger Stamp Club of Madison, Wis., featured a “philatelic terms timed” activity. This was the promotional graphic for the meeting.

Philatelic Foreword by Jay Bigalke

The Badger Stamp Club of Madison, Wis., of which I am a member, recently sent its members an email about an upcoming meeting. I found the subject of the meeting, “Philatelic Terms Timed,” interesting.

The club’s promotional graphic for the meeting is shown nearby.

Most Scott postage stamp catalogs, depending on space, have a glossary of philatelic terms included. This could be a resource for other stamp clubs to use to create a similar style of game for meetings.

Another stamp club that I belong to in Dayton, Ohio, also has the occasional contest at meetings. And the club gives out stamp club bucks or faux money that can be used to buy items, including used stamps and stamp supplies, that the club has purchased.

Coming up with interesting and engaging ways to get members to attend meetings is important, and so is sending email reminders of the meeting dates.

The individuals who do this for stamp clubs may sometimes view it as a thankless task, but it is an essential one to keep engagement going.

If you are looking for a local stamp club, a starting point could be Linn’s website. We do our best to keep these listings up-to-date, but we rely on club members to provide us with any updated information.

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