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Postcrossing celebrated on Czech Republic definitive stamp

Apr 29, 2021, 5 PM
A definitive stamp from the Czech Republic features Postcrossing, an international postcard project.

By Denise McCarty

A new stamp from the Czech Republic celebrates an innovative method for international communication.

Issued Sept. 2, this nondenominated, self-adhesive definitive stamp honors Postcrossing, an international project in which people from around the world send each other postcards.

The design shows three basic steps involved in Postcrossing: writing, sending and receiving postcards.

The large “E” in the upper left indicates that the stamp pays the first-class rate for letters to Europe weighing up to 50 grams, currently 25 koruny.

Maria Noguiera designed the stamp. The Post Printing House in Prague printed it by offset in sheets of 40.

The Czech Republic is the eighth postal administration to issue a stamp promoting Postcrossing. The first was the Netherlands on Oct. 11, 2001; followed by Finland, Sept. 9, 2013; Lithuania, Oct. 5, 2013; Belarus, Jan. 2, 2014; Guernsey, May 28, 2014; Russia, Jan. 27, 2015; and Slovenia, May 29, 2015.