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Product catalog from USPS delivers summer cheer

Jul 20, 2020, 8 AM
The United States Postal Service’s Delivering Summer Cheer catalog was mailed to customers in July.

Philatelic Foreword by Jay Bigalke

The United States Postal Service recently sent out a Delivering Summer Cheer catalog to its customers. The contents are heavily slanted toward promoting products related to its stamp issues.

This focus isn’t new because the USPS previously has created similar product catalogs for the holiday season.

I have to say the timing of this catalog is great. Any encouragement to use the mail is a positive for the stamp collecting hobby. Now more than ever, I appreciate the handwritten notes that land in my mailbox.

I have enjoyed using the Postal Service’s Ellsworth Kelly oversized (5 inches by 7 inches) postcards in sending notes to friends.

One slight diversion in the catalog is a couple of pages up front related to the die-cast toy mail trucks and cars by Greenlight Collectibles. There is also a spread promoting stamp puzzles.

The annual stamp yearbooks are also highlighted.

Near the back of the catalog are a number of framed pieces and T-shirts, too.

And stamps aren’t forgotten. The back pages of the catalog highlight most of the recent forever stamps available for purchase from Stamp Fulfillment Services in Kansas City, Mo.

To order one of the new product catalogs for free, visit the USPS Postal Store and search for “cheer.” As of the time the Aug. 3 issue of Linn’s was sent to press, a digital download option was not available.

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