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Scott assigns new catalog numbers

Apr 27, 2021, 9 AM

Scott Flash February 2, 2015

The following Scott numbers have been assigned

Scott   Description

United States

4952 (49c) Battle of New Orleans

CVP92 (49c) Computer vended stamp with Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer

United Nations – New York

1095 $1.15 Global Education First Initiative – Teacher and students in forest

1096 $1.50 Global Education First Initiative – Chemistry teacher and student

1097 $1.15 Endangered Species – Denise’s pygmy seahorses

1098 $1.15 Endangered Species – Whale shark

1099 $1.15 Endangered Species – Scalloped hammerhead shark

1100 $1.15 Endangered Species – Asian arowana

   a. Block of 4, #1097-1100

1101 Personalizable sheet of 10 + 10 labels

   a. $1.15 United Nations emblem in gray, bottom panel in blue

   b. $1.15 Aerial view of United Nations Headquarters, bottom panel in red, year date at left

   c. $1.15 View of United Nations Headquarters from across East River, bottom panel in red, year date at right

   d. $1.15 Interior balconies, bottom panel in blue

   e. $1.15 Crowd in lobby, bottom panel in blue

   f. $1.15 Sun reflecting off United Nations Building, street lights, bottom panel in red

   g. $1.15 United Nations emblem in brown, bottom panel in red

   h. $1.15 Woman and two men near General Assembly Building, bottom panel in blue

   i. $1.15 United Nations Building, flags, trees without leaves, bottom panel in blue

   j. $1.15 General Assembly and United Nations Buildings, bottom panel in red

United Nations – Geneva

587 Personalizable sheet of 10 + 10 labels

   a. 1.30fr Room with painted ceiling

   b. 1.30fr Peacock with spread tail

   c. 1.30fr Rows of flags, brown panel at bottom

   d. 1.30fr Rows of flags near Palais des Nations

   e. 1.30fr Meeting hall with United Nations emblem on rear wall

   f. 1.30fr Armillary sphere and Palais des Nations

   g. 1.30fr Meeting hall with movie screen on rear wall

   h. 1.30fr Circular meeting hall

   i. 1.30fr Farm animals on grass near buildings

   j. 1.30fr Peacock with tail down

588 1.90fr Global Education First Initiative – Students in art museum

589 1.90fr Global Education First Initiative – Student in library

5901.40fr Endangered Species – Arapaima gigas

591 1.40fr Endangered Species – Cetorhinus maximus

592 1.40fr Endangered Species – Pristis pristis

593 1.40fr Endangered Species – Acipenser baerii

   a. Block of 4, #590-593

United Nations – Vienna

551 €1.70 Global Education First Initiative – Children boarding school bus

552 €2 Global Education First Initiative – Tree growing from book held by students

553 70c Endangered Species – Cheilinus undulates

554 70c Endangered Species – Carcharodon carcharias

555 70c Endangered Species – Manta birostris

556 70c Endangered Species – Polyodon spathula

   a. Block of 4, #553-556

All of the numbers will appear in the Catalogue Update section of the Feb. 16, 2015 Linn’s Stamp News. For further information contact Martin J. Frankevicz

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