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2019 Scott Classic Specialized catalog celebrates 25th anniversary

Apr 29, 2021, 6 PM
The 2019 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers 1840-1940 includes many editorial enhancements and value changes.

From the Scott Editors — By Donna Houseman

The 2019 Scott Classic Specialized Catalogue of Stamps and Covers 1840-1940, widely recognized as the best single-volume catalog for classic-era stamps of the world, celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The Scott Classic Specialized catalog has grown substantially since the first volume was introduced in 1994 (the 1995 edition) — from 857 pages of listings in the 1995 edition to 1,308 pages in the 25th edition.

The first edition consolidated the basic listings from the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue for stamps issued from 1840 to 1940. In the 1996 edition, editors began to add values for covers. In the 1998 edition, listings of British Commonwealth countries were extended to 1952 to include all British Commonwealth stamps issued under King George VI.

Since the first edition was published, special editorial consultant Sergio Sismondo has worked tirelessly each year to help the editors expand the editorial content and listed values in the Scott Classic Specialized catalog, and this year was no exception. 

Sismondo was instrumental in the creation of the Scott Classic Specialized catalog. James E. Kloetzel, editor emeritus, and Bill Jones, a former Scott associate editor, also provided substantial input by updating values and making significant editorial enhancements throughout the catalog.

We extend special thanks to our many advisors who offer improvements each year to make this catalog an invaluable reference work for worldwide classic stamps.

Now we turn to the content of this year’s catalog. Classic Germany received a complete review this year, resulting in more than 1,900 value changes, with a mix of increases and decreases. Increases are especially notable among never-hinged and on-cover values. 

Collectors of Portugal and its colonies should pay special attention to Mozambique Company. The listings from Scott 1 through 104 have been completely reorganized by the paper on which the stamps were printed and by perforation gauge. Collectors are encouraged to refer to the Classic Specialized Additions, Deletions & Number Changes for important changes to the listings. In addition to this beneficial reorganization, more than 160 value changes were made.

Almost 1,200 value changes were made to the listings of the Colombian states of Antioquia, Bolivar, Boyaca, Cundinamarca, Santander and Tolima.

Malaya and the Malayan states of Sungei Ujong and Trengganu weigh in with more than 400 value changes. Values for Malayan stamps reflect an overall softening of the market, but a few increases are sprinkled throughout Sungei Ujong. The 1878 2¢ brown (Scott 2) jumps from $3,600 unused to $4,400, and from $3,900 used to $4,600. 

Significant value increases are found among the listings of Transvaal, which was known as the South African Republic until 1877 when it was occupied and annexed by the British.

A complete examination of Australia resulted in more than 700 value changes, with more decreases than increases. The 1915 2-penny gray type I (Scott 45) moves upward slightly, from $37.50 unused to $42.50, but drops from $10.50 used to $7.50.

Among the listings for Fiji’s classic stamps, 150 value changes are the result of a line-by-line review. A similar review occurred for Scott Standard catalog Vol. 2B listings for stamps issued from 1938 to early 2006. Although decreases in value predominate among the listings for stamps issued from 1938 to 2006, values for early classic issues reflect a mix of increases and decreases. The 1874 6¢-on-3 -penny green surcharged issue (Scott 24) climbs upward, from $2,500 unused to $2,750. The value for used examples remains at $750.

Thrace also was closely examined this year, resulting in more than 180 value changes, most of which are increases. New varieties have been added for this country as well.

New never-hinged listings have been added to Jordan, Kuwait and Lebanon.

Almost 770 value changes were recorded for Italian Offices Abroad in Aegean Islands.

Editorial Enhancements

An abundance of editorial enhancements are found throughout the catalog.

Various notes and footnotes have been clarified or expanded to further explain complicated listings, and other notes have been screened carefully to ensure accuracy.

What sets the Scott Classic Specialized catalog apart from the Scott Standard catalog are the thousands of never-hinged listings, pre-stamp postal markings and forerunner listings, among other features.

New to this edition of the Scott Classic catalog are listings for numeral cancellations of the Canadian province of New Brunswick. The cancellations can be found on New Brunswick 3-penny and 5p stamps, and on Canada’s 1868 3¢ red Large Queen (Scott 25), and 1873 3¢ orange red (37) and 1888 3¢ bright vermilion (41) Small Queen stamps.

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On-cover values have been added for the first time to Malaya and Malayan States. Users of the Scott Classic Specialized catalog will find a list of countries with listings for stamps on covers on page 23A of the introduction to this catalog.

The unused 1898 5¢ Ponce, Puerto Rico, stamp (Scott 200), is now delisted, with explanatory notes. A Special Feature article by respected dealer, collector and author Bill DiPaolo in the 2019 Scott Specialized Catalogue of United States Stamps and Covers explains why the unused stamp has been delisted.

Five new major numbers have been added to Reunion’s parcel post stamps. As a result, the 1906 10-centime red parcel post stamp previously listed as Q1 has been renumbered to Q4.

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