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Scott numbers for Charles M. Schulz, other recent U.S. and U.N. stamps

Nov 6, 2022, 8 AM
The 10 United States Charles M. Schulz stamps picturing characters from Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip are among recently issued U.S. and United Nations stamps to receive Scott catalog numbers.

Scott Catalog News by Charles Snee

Another month has passed, and that means it’s time to reveal another batch of new Scott catalog numbers.

The editors of the Scott catalogs each month assign catalog numbers to new issues from the United States, United Nations and postal services from around the world.

The new Scott numbers provided here are for recently issued U.S. and U.N. stamps. New Scott numbers for worldwide stamps are given in the Scott New Listings Update in the expanded monthly issue of Linn’s Stamp News.

Included in this month’s listings are Scott numbers for the nondenominated (60¢) Christmas: Virgin and Child stamp issued in double-sided panes of 20, the four nondenominated (60¢) Holiday Elves special stamps issued in North Pole, Alaska, and the 10 nondenominated (60¢) Charles M. Schulz commemorative stamps featuring characters from Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip. Also Scott official are the imperforate varieties of the Charles M. Schulz stamps from uncut press sheets without die cuts. Recent U.N. stamps assigned Scott numbers include issues honoring the exploration of Mars, World Bicycle Day, World Chess Day and World Humanitarian Day. One U.N. semipostal stamp, three U.N. stamped envelopes and a U.N souvenir card also have new Scott numbers.

What do these Scott numbers signify? In short, each stamp’s listing in an upcoming edition of the 2024 Scott catalogs.

Having these numbers handy will allow you to easily locate these stamps in the Scott catalogs and learn about their production and values.

Now that you have some context, here are the new U.S. and U.N. Scott numbers:

Scott Number               Description

United States

5721                            (60c) Christmas – Virgin and Child

a.                                 Convertible booklet pane of 20

5722                            (60c) Christmas – Elf and Teddy Bear

5723                            (60c) Christmas – Elf Tying Ribbon

5724                            (60c) Christmas – Elf with Toy Car

5725                            (60c) Christmas – Elf with Rocket

a.                                 Block of 4, #5722-5725

b.                                 Convertible booklet pane of 20, 5 each #5722-5725

5726                            Peanuts Characters pane of 20, 2 each # 5726a-5726j

a.                                 (60c) Charlie Brown

b.                                 (60c) Lucy

c.                                 (60c) Franklin

d.                                 (60c) Sally

e.                                 (60c) Pigpen

f.                                  (60c) Linus

g.                                 (60c) Snoopy and Woodstock

h.                                 (60c) Schroeder

i.                                  (60c) Peppermint Patty

j.                                  (60c) Marcie

k.                                 As #5726, imperforate

l.                                  As #5726a, imperforate

m.                                As #5726b, imperforate

n.                                 As #5726c, imperforate

o.                                 As #5726d, imperforate

p.                                 As #5726e, imperforate

q.                                 As #5726f, imperforate

r.                                  As #5726g, imperforate

s.                                 As #5726h, imperforate

t.                                  As #5726i, imperforate

u.                                 As #5726j, imperforate

United Nations – New York

1301                            58c Exploration of Mars – Proctor Crater

1302                            $1.30 Exploration of Mars – Mars Perseverence Rover

1303                            $1.30 Exploration of Mars souvenir sheet – Mars Ingenuity Helicopter

B5                                $1.40+50c World Humanitarian Day

U44                             58c United Nations Emblem stamped envelope – gray blue

U45                             58c United Nations Emblem stamped envelope – bister

United Nations – Geneva

718                              1.10fr Exploration of Mars

719                              1.50fr Exploration of Mars

720                              2fr Exploration of Mars souvenir sheet

721                              World Bicycle Day sheet of 10 + 10 labels

a.                                 1.50fr Three cyclists on road + label

b.                                 1.50fr Two cyclists near water, facing right + label

c.                                 1.50fr Two bicycles in front of store + label

d.                                 1.50fr Cyclist on dirt path + label

e.                                 1.50fr Two cyclists transporting flowers + label

f.                                  1.50fr Cyclist wearing hat, facing left + label

g.                                 1.50fr Row of identical bicycles + label

h.                                 1.50fr Backs of two cyclists near water + label

i.                                  1.50fr Cyclists and grass + label

j.                                  1.50fr Bicycles leaning on bridge railing + label

B4                                2fr+50c World Humanitarian Day

United Nations – Vienna

695                              85c Wangari Maathai

696                              85c Exploration of Mars

697                              €1 Exploration of Mars

698                              €1.80 Exploration of Mars souvenir sheet

699                              World Chess Day sheet of 10 + 10 labels

a.                                 €1 Chess board with black pieces, two pawns in forward positions + label

b.                                 €1 Player moving white king + label

c.                                 €1 Chairs and chess set on round table + label

d.                                 €1 Black pawn on chess board + label

e.                                 €1 Player toppling black king + label

f.                                  €1 Player moving black pawn + label

g.                                 €1 Table with chess boards and timers + label

h.                                 €1 Black and white knights + label

i.                                  €1 Chess board with black pieces, knight next to king + label

j.                                  €1 Chess board with black and white pieces, with toppled white king + label

B4                                €1.80+50c World Humanitarian Day

U21                             85c United Nations Emblem stamped envelope – yellow green

U22                             €1 United Nations Emblem stamped envelope – red

U23                             €1.80 United Nations Emblem stamped envelope – dark blue

SC71   World Humanitarian Day Souvenir Card

All of the numbers will appear in the Scott New Listings Update section of the Nov. 21 Linn’s Stamp News. For further information, contact Martin J. Frankevicz.

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