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'Sense'-ational stamps issued Sept. 10 by An Post

May 2, 2021, 2 PM
Five new stamps from Ireland's An Post feature some cutting edge technology. They are available individually and in sheets of 16.

By Colin Sallee

1. Come to your senses 

Ireland's An Post is embracing the five senses by issuing five interactive stamps. 

Each stamp has its own means of demonstrating the sense, from flavoring, to texture, to changing colors. Designed by Zinc Design of Dublin, the stamps are available in sheets of 16. 

"A 70c stamp with strawberry-flavoured adhesive gum celebrates Taste, while a €1.05 Touch stamp features thermochromic ink which changes colour when touched," an An Post release reads. "An ‘eye’ graphic on an otherwise transparent €1.25 stamp represents Sight while a € 1.70 Hearing stamp features an ear illustration containing embedded particles which produce a sound when rubbed. Finally, the surface of a €2.80 stamp has a mint fragrance to celebrate Smell."

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2. American Philatelic Society hires Brachbill

"The American Philatelic Society has hired Cathy Brachbill as its director of education. Brachbill fills the vacancy created in April when the previous education director, Gretchen Moody, left the organization to move with her husband to another state."

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4. Hello there, Charlie Brown 

The USPS is giving customers a bit of childhood nostalgia, with 10 new stamps that depict the characters from the uber-popular A Charlie Brown Christmas animated television show. 

The stamps will be issued Oct. 1. 

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