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Show-Me State’s capitol depicted on convention cancel

Sep 14, 2021, 2 PM
The convention of the Post Mark Collectors Club, originally scheduled for September 2020 in Jefferson City, Mo., will take place Sept. 22-25, 2021.

Postmark Pursuit by Molly Goad

The Sept. 9, 2021, Postal Bulletin contained details about pictorial postmarks for three different September stamp shows.

The Seattle Philatelic Exhibition, also known as Seapex, is offering three different butterfly cancels.

The 2021 Omaha Stamp Show has three cancels available with vaccine and baseball themes.

Finally, the PMCC (Post Mark Collectors Club) Convention, held this year in Jefferson City, Mo. is offering the cancel shown nearby featuring the state’s capitol.

To obtain these postmarks, address your request to:

SEAPEX Station, Manager, 225 Andover Park W., Seattle, WA 98188-9998.

— Sept. 10 (Monarch butterfly), Sept. 11 (Malay red harlequin butterfly), Sept. 12 (Swallowtail butterfly.)

VACCINE Station, BASEBALL LEGEND Station or CHAMPIONSHIP Station, Postmaster, Box 9998, Omaha, NE 68144-9998.

— Sept. 11 (Syringe), Sept. 12 (Baseball catcher), Sept. 13 (Baseball, two baseball bats.)

POSTMARK COLLECTORS CLUB 2021 CONVENTION Station, Postmaster, 131 W. High St., Room 104, Jefferson City, MO 65101- 9998, Sept. 23-24.

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