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Slovenia issues Serenade Love stamps

Apr 29, 2021, 11 PM
This heart-shaped stamp from Slovenia is called Serenade. In the design, a woman is serenading a man who is standing on the balcony of a cell phone. The 48¢ stamp was issued Jan. 25.

New Stamps of the World — By Denise McCarty

Slovenia has been issuing Love stamps since 1994 (Scott 189), and since 2003 these stamps have been shaped like hearts.

This year’s stamp, issued Jan. 25, is called Serenade.

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The design by Barbara Kocjancic features a large cell phone, a couple and their shadows. The man is standing on a balcony that extends from the phone, and the woman is below the balcony with a symbolic heart in her hand.

Joh. Enschede printed this 48¢ stamp by offset in sheets of 10.