Postal Updates

Stamp prices may be on the rise Down Under

Apr 29, 2021, 7 AM

By Colin Sallee

1. Upping stamp prices down under

Australia Post has asked the ACCCommission to approve a 30-cent price increase for the postal rate on standard letters to $1 (Australian) and allow it two business days for delivery, according to Perth Now.

"In its submission, released on Friday, the agency also seeks to increase the cost of sending large letters over 125g and up to 250g, from $2.10 to $3," Perth Now reports. "The charges equate to a 42.86 per cent increase, however, it's not proposing to increase the price of concession stamps (60 cents) or for Christmas cards (65 cents) and insists the 'basic postage rate remains affordable.'"

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2. Paul Newman honored 

The actor isn't being honored just for his impressive film resume, but for his philanthropic work over the years. 

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3. Brigham public auction will offer gems

A unique block of four 1959 Canada Seaway Invert highlights the group of items that will be for sale. 

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