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Stamp projects during the winter months

Feb 1, 2023, 10 AM
Sometimes collecting a bucket-list travel destination can lead you to learn more about it before you visit in person. Shown is the 13-franc Bahia Peak, Bora Bora airmail stamp (Scott C23) from the South Pacific island nation of French Polynesia.

Philatelic Foreword

As the snow falls out my window here in Ohio while I write this, I was inspired to wonder what other collectors might be working on during these winter months.

Have you picked up a new collecting area this winter? Has organizing an existing collection taken priority? Is building an exhibit part of your plan for 2023?

I have purchased a number of sleeves for first-day covers in order to better organize my collection and remove any duplication.

A few of the country collections sitting on my shelf also have enticed me to flip through them. And, of course, some of the holes in them bugged me, so I started the grand hunt to see if maybe those stamps are readily available for purchase.

One of my collections that is almost complete is for French Polynesia. I admit that I went through that collection the other week as a way to escape to the South Pacific island through all those visuals.

And that escape can also serve as a great way to research a future travel destination that might be on your bucket list. I did this once for a trip, and when I got there, I felt like I knew all the major landmarks. It made for an immersive travel experience.

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