Postal Updates

Swiss 'mobile franking' now permanent

May 2, 2021, 10 PM

Swiss Post’s publicity image showing its new SMS postage, a code obtained by text message to be used in place of a stamp.

Swiss Post has made what it calls “SMS postage” and “mobile franking” a permanent service as of Sept. 1, following a successful one-year trial period.

In this type of franking, customers send a text message by cell phone to obtain a code to use in place of a postage stamp. The SMS stands for short message service, commonly called texting.

Linn’s issue of Oct. 21, 2013, reported that Swiss Post would have a one-year trial period for the service starting Sept. 2, 2013.

In a new press release dated Aug. 20, Swiss Post reported that more than 100,000 letters were franked using the service during that period.

The service will continue to cost 1.20 francs and will be available through all mobile communications providers in Switzerland. The code is valid for 10 days to send standard-size domestic letters.

A page on Swiss Post’s website,, promotes the new service: “Are you out and about with no stamps to hand? Do you have a letter to send, but no stamps in the house? With SMS postage stamps, you always have stamps with you, wherever you are: easy, quick and around the clock.”

The page also details the three steps: Send “STAMP” by SMS to number 414; copy the code you receive on the top right of the envelope; and drop your letter in the mailbox.