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The story behind the Johnston-Dienstag stamp: Inside Linn’s

May 23, 2019, 8 PM
Despite the postal markings and unusual stamp on this cover, it was never intended to go through the mail. Wayne Youngblood explains why in The Odd Lot.

By Charles Snee

The June 10 issue of Linn’s Stamp News just landed on the presses and goes in the mail to subscribers Tuesday, May 28. And if you subscribe to Linn’s digital edition, you’re at the head of the line with early access Saturday, May 25. Here are three stories you won’t want to miss.

Rare 1906 San Francisco local post stamp not earthshaking

Wayne Youngblood, in The Odd Lot, pulls the curtain back on the fascinating and somewhat murky history of the Johnston-Dienstag “Special Service” stamp. Very few on-cover uses have survived. The one Youngblood features is one of the best examples.

Postage due payments made with regular stamps

Modern U.S. Mail columnist Tony Wawrukiewicz continues his examination of regular postage stamps used to satisfy various fees. This month, he spotlights two U.S. Postal Service postage due forms franked with stamps from the Prominent Americans, Americana and Great Americans series.

Kitchen Table Philately: worldwide stamps from 37 countries

In each weekly issue of Linn’s, either E. Rawolik VI or E. Rawolik VII dissects the contents of a stamp mixture offered to collectors. E. Rawolik is a pseudonym that is also the word “kiloware” (a stamp mixture) spelled backward. This week, E. Rawolik VII sorts through a small packet of 60 stamps with issue dates from 1896 to 2012. Enjoy the full review in this issue.

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