Postal Updates

Town drops effort to install stamplike mosaic on post office

Apr 29, 2021, 7 PM
A stamplike mosaic will not be put up on the facade of the post office in Tieton, WA.

By Joe O'Donnell

1. Stamp mosaic effort ends

After much publicity, and many Kickstarter donations, the plug has been pulled on the effort to put in place a stamp mosaic on the facade of the Tietion, WA, post office. Ed Marquand, who organized the effort, reported the news in an update on the projet's Kickstarter page.

"I'm sorry to report that we have had to cancel this project. After cordial and friendly conversations with USPS upper management, Mayor Stan Hall and I agreed to pull the plug," the update from Marquand reads before stating that the USPS was not a bad actor in the situation. "Everyone involved is good-hearted, well-intentioned, and sympathetic. The VP in DC expressed appreciation and respect for our project, the design, and the amount of support we have received. He wishes it could be accommodated, but the Postal Service has no administrative infrastructure to deal with project of this nature. I sympathize."

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2. Undeliverable mail
"The process by which this mail was handled is not clearly and directly expressed in official postal documents, whereas the manner in which misdirected (misaddressed), undeliverable mail was to be handled was clearly communicated in the regulations as early as 1881."
3. Scenic Landscapes booklet a good buy
"Modern postal stationery is a collecting area often overlooked by many collectors, and U.S. postal stationery is underrated and occasionally undervalued."
4. Canada's philatelic fleet 
"As a nation, Canada is like the United States in the importance that transatlantic exploration had on its eventual colonization and development. That is why these North American neighbors have issued numerous stamps honoring these men and the ships they sailed into history."

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