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U.N. pane honors Oct. 2-4 Ovebria stamp show in Austria

Oct 16, 2020, 9 AM
The United Nations Postal Administration issued a pane of 10 stamps and labels Oct. 2 for the Ovebria 2020 stamp show in St. Polten, Austria.

By Denise McCarty

A new pane of 10 stamps and labels from the United Nations Postal Administration salutes the Ovebria 2020 stamp show held in St. Polten, Austria.

The pane was issued Oct. 2, the opening day of the three-day show.

The stamps are denominated €1 for use from the U.N. post office at the Vienna International Center in Vienna, Austria. Each stamp shows the same design featuring the U.N. emblem on a white and light beige background. The year date “2020” is in the upper right corner.

The labels show 10 different photographs that focus on the varied architecture of St. Polten, the capital of the province of Lower Austria.

The website of the Austrian National Tourist Office says, “St. Polten, the youngest of Austria’s capitals, combines a Baroque city centre with modern architecture like no other Austrian city.”

The selvage depicts a photograph of the Town Hall Square including the 18th-century Holy Trinity column, also known as the plague column. A poster showing Pope Francis can be seen on the Franciscan church in the background.

The German-language inscription at the top of the pane translates to “The UNPA at the OVEBRIA and 100 years of BSV St. Polten.” The BSV initials refer to the St. Polten Stamp Collectors Club, and the club’s post horn emblem is shown.

An article on St. Polten’s website included the following quote from the club’s president, Helmut Kogler: “And the association is proud to be the only association besides Gmunden to have carried out a stamp exhibition this year in compliance with all Covid-19 requirements, and this in the entire German-speaking area.”

According to the UNPA’s website, this pane of 10 Ovebria 2020 stamps and labels will automatically be sent to customers with standing-order requirements for “Vienna special personalized stamp sheets.”

For information about other ordering options, visit the UNPA’s web shop.

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