US Stamps

Upright Jenny Invert panes found in New York, Wisconsin

Apr 28, 2021, 3 AM

A USPS publicity image for a single stamp from the upright $2 Jenny Invert pane. Seventeen of the 100 panes have been found.

Two new finds of the intentionally created upright variety of the United States $2 Jenny Invert pane have surfaced.

Linn’s tally of these finds now stands at 17 panes. Collectors have 83 more panes to track down.

The most recent discoveries were made at a post office in Corning, N.Y., and at an undisclosed post office in Wisconsin.

The odds of finding one of the 100 panes printed with the intentional variety is estimated by Linn’s to be 1 in 19,000.

The Postal Service issued the Jenny Invert pane of six $2 stamps Sept. 22, 2013.

In October, the Postal Service revealed that just 100 panes of six showing the airplane flying right side up were randomly seeded into the entire print run of the normal stamps.