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How to provide some personal flair to your mail

May 2, 2021, 11 PM
An online post at entitled "Style Meets Sentiment" provides advice on how to best personalize your mail.

By Colin Sallee

1. Personalizing your post 

Perry Nelson and Molly Wigand, two authority figures in the world of greeting cards, were tapped by the United States Postal Service to teach visitors how to best sentimentilize their stamps and post cards. 

In a USPS Stamps blog post, which can be found here, the pair takes you through the steps of selecting envelopes and stamps, and finding the right words to use. Color, stickers and other options are among the other factors that are profiled. 

Variety, and a more personal feel is the gist of the new post. 

2. Resisting a renaming

A slate of four Confederate stamp collectors hopes to upset plans to rename the Confederate Stamp Alliance when the 78-year-old group holds its midyear meeting in Asheville, N.C., Oct.  9-10.

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3. New Spectrum Eagle coin stamps on the way 

The United States Postal Service will issue a new variety of the six nondenominated (25ยข) Spectrum Eagle presorted first-class coil stamps first issued in 2012.

Take a look at the Spectrum Eagle stamp.

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