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USPS carrier reaches 1 million miles driven without an accident: Linn’s Buzz

Apr 29, 2021, 8 PM
Thirty-three-year United States Postal Service carrier Patrick Barton received the National Safety Council’s Million Mile Club award last week after reaching the milestone without a single preventable accident on his record.

By Colin Sallee 

1. One million miles of safe carrying

Patrick Barton joked to Nogales International about retiring after delivering mail for more than one million miles without an accident.

Barton, who’s been on the job for 33 years, received the the National Safety Council’s Million Mile Club award last week after “attaining 1 million miles or 30 years of safe driving without a preventable incident.”

“Every time Barton drives his vehicle, those miles are recorded in the USPS system,” the Nogales International report reads. “More than 9,400 postal employees of the roughly 321,000 carriers and truck drivers employed there have been recognized for this achievement, according to the USPS website.”

Barton’s supervisor, Manny Quiroz, said he’s seen very few employees receive the award.

Learn more about Barton's impressive career.

2. Shirley Temple stamp

The 20th stamp in the Legends of Hollywood commemorative series from the United States Postal Service will honor Shirley Temple, who starred in hugely popular films as a child actress in the 1930s and 1940s, and who grew up to become Shirley Temple Black, a respected diplomat and distinguished representative of the U.S. government.

The stamp’s issue date is fast approaching.

3. Stamps down under

Stamps have always been a window into history, and that couldn’t be truer when highlighting the complex of history of Papua New Guinea.

“It is fascinating for most people to learn how nations evolve, and even more so for stamp collectors, who can document a nation’s changes through its postal issues,” Janet Klug writes. “New Guinea is a good example.”

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