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What is your favorite British commemorative?

Apr 29, 2021, 3 AM

A montage of some of Great Britain’s commememorative stamps of the past 50 years.

Great Britain’s Royal Mail launched a website Jan. 2 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of its commemorative stamp program.

The website is:

The website includes a gallery of British commemoratives issued since the July 8, 1965, Winston Churchill issue (Scott 420-421) and a video presented by broadcaster and historian Dan Snow.

Royal Mail reports that a total of 2,663 commemorative stamps, which it calls “special stamps,” have been issued since July 1965.

Every new stamp design is approved by Queen Elizabeth II before it is issued. Other than the queen, Prince Philip is the most featured person on the commemoratives, followed by William Shakespeare.

According to Royal Mail, some of the most popular stamp issues in recent years include the Battle of Trafalgar (Scott 2321-2326), the Beatles (2420-2426), Olympic and Paralympic Gold Medal Winners (3047-3075 and 3077-3110) and Doctor Who (3141-3156).