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Liechtenstein offering panoramic panes of personalized stamps

Mar 11, 2016, 9 AM
Liechtenstein’s philatelic department, Philately Liechtenstein, is offering a new type of personalized stamp pane with one photograph shown across all 10 stamps. The examples shown feature people and baked goods.

By Denise McCarty

The philatelic department of Liechtenstein’s postal administration is offering a new type of personalized postage stamp pane. This pane allows customers to create a panoramic image across 10 stamps.

Philately Liechtenstein, the philatelic department, calls this panorama pane “another novelty” in its range of personalized stamps.

Philately Liechtenstein also said that the new pane “involves adjusting an individual picture to fit the whole sheet, thus resulting in a combined print of ten different stamps with an original mosaic effect.”

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In its announcement of the panorama pane, Philately Liechtenstein pictured two examples, one of a photograph of a large group of people and the other showing an assortment of pastries.

Other products in Liechtenstein’s personalized postage service, called, include a standard pane of 20 stamps; a souvenir sheet with three stamps (called “a stamp block”); a motif sheet with eight hexagonal stamps; and picture postal cards.