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A great way to share your opinions on the stamp hobby

Jan 12, 2017, 2 PM
Collectors are encouraged to engage in discussions about stories that are posted to Linn’s website by commenting through the online discussion tool Disqus.

By Donna Houseman

Disqus (pronounced “Dis·cuss”) is a digital comment system used by Linn’s Stamp News to allow readers to comment on stories posted here on our website.

By using Disqus to comment, readers can share their opinions and engage with other collectors. We have witnessed some lively discussions of late sparked by the stories that appear online and in the pages of Linn’s.

Using Disqus is easy, but like most secured online websites, you will need to create a password. To sign up, simply click on the Join the Discussion box at the end of a story. See the image above.

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Below the box you will find four icons: D for Disqus, and the logos for Facebook, Twitter, and Google. To sign up for Disqus, enter your email address and a password. If you prefer, you can participate in the discussions using your accounts for Facebook, Twitter, or Google.

Once you log in, you are ready to comment on Linn’s stories and to engage in discussions with fellow collectors.

Using the Disqus tool is easy, fun, and informative, but we do ask partipants to follow a few rules.

First and foremost, respect others. Remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Be a valued participant; other participants want to learn from these discussions, and you can add to the learning experience.

While many social media participants use pseudonyms, and we allow their use, we encourage participants to use their own identity. And never pretend to be someone else.

We monitor the comments on Disqus, and we do not allow the use of profanity, obscenities, or defamatory or disruptive comments.

We encourage spirited discussions, but please keep the discussions civil and be mindful of the feelings of other participants. It is inevitable that politics will enter into discussions, but again, be respectful. Keep an open mind; you might learn something.

Last but not least, we do not allow participants to use this tool to sell products. If you want to sell stamps and other products, we will be happy to put you in touch with the Linn’s sales team.

We encourage our readers to use Disqus, but if you prefer to communicate with Linn’s editors and readers by sending emails or letters through the mail, we welcome your opinions and ideas. Send your comments by email to, or through the mail to Linn’s, Box 4129, Sidney, OH 45365.