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Does this Norman Rockwell sheet look familiar?

Jan 16, 2018, 8 AM

Scott Catalog News - By Charles Snee

On Aug. 22, 2017, Antigua issued a set of three souvenir sheets highlighting paintings by American artist Norman Rockwell.

Shown is one of the three five-stamp sheets, which illustrates Boy in Dining Car, Breaking Home Ties, Homecoming Marine, Retribution and Triple Self-portrait

Are you experiencing a bit of philatelic deja vu? That might be because in 1994 the United States issued a 29¢ stamp (Scott 2839) and $2 (four 50¢ stamps) souvenir sheet (2840) picturingTriple Self-portrait. The souvenir sheet is pictured here.

Here's the breakdown of the paintings that appear on the three sheets from Antigua:

Scott 3390: a, $4, Boy in Dining Car (30x40mm). b, $4, Breaking Home Ties (30x40mm). c, $4, Homecoming Marine (30x40mm). d, $4, Retribution (30x40mm). e, $10, Triple Self-portrait (60x80mm).

Scott 3391: a, $4, Russian Schoolroom (30x40mm). b, $4, Southern Justice (Murder in Mississippi) (30x40mm). c, $4, The Circus Barker (30x40mm). d, $4, The Love Song (30x40mm). e, $10, Little Boy Writing a Letter (60x80mm).

Scott 3392: a, $4, The Problem We All Live With (30x40mm). b, $4, The Scoutmaster (30x40mm). c, $4, They Remembered Me (30x40mm). d, $4, We, Too, Have a Job to Do (30x40mm). e, $10, The Runaway (60x 80mm).

The Antigua Rockwell sheets, along with dozens of other recently issued stamps, are listed with their new Scott catalog numbers in the Scott New Listings Update in the Jan. 15 issue of Linn's Stamp News monthly magazine.

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