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Museum offers online viewing of Victorian proof sheets

Oct 22, 2018, 12 PM
Proof sheets from the Postal Museum in London, England, can now be viewed online. This example from the museum's collection is a sheet of the 1840 Penny Black, plate 1, before hardening.

By Linn's Staff

The Postal Museum in London, England, has announced that for the first time, all 837 of its Great Britain Victorian registration sheets are now available online for viewing in high resolution.

“Dating from 1840-1900, the sheets include the proof sheet of Penny Blacks and Registration Sheets of Penny Reds but not yet Departmental Overprints,” the museum reports.

The images can be accessed on the museum’s online catalog at

Researchers can zoom into the sheets by right-clicking on the image in the catalog and opening it in a new tab.

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The museum describes the registration sheets as the proof sheets or imprimatur sheets in the issued color that had been submitted to the stamp office at Somerset House, London, for approval.

Samples were removed from the sheet by the examining officials, so the examples for online viewing are missing subjects.

The Postal Museum in London opened July 28, 2017, at 15-20 Phoenix Place. Additional information is available at the website.

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