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2023 Greenland stamp of the year winners announced

May 30, 2024, 8 AM
The 39-krone stamp depicting Sermilissuaq, an ice-covered bear who feeds on human flesh, won the 2023 Greenland stamp of the year contest with over 25 percent of the vote.

By Linn’s Staff

Greenland’s postal administration, Tusass Greenland, announced the results of the 2023 Greenland stamp of the year poll in a May 14 newsletter.

The 39-krone Sermilissuaq, the Ice-Covered Bear stamp (Scott 922) issued Feb. 27, 2023, won the contest with over 25 percent of the vote.

Artist Agust Kristinsson illustrated the design as part of the Greenlandic Ghost Stories series.

The February 2023 issue of Greenland Collector, the magazine for collectors of Greenland’s stamps, described Sermilissuaq as a polar bear formed out of icebergs who feeds on human flesh.

“It emerges wandering, from either the water when the ice melts, or from recesses in the fells when the sun comes out. Its breath is so heavy that it can envelop an entire landscape in fog,” the Greenland Collector said.

Second and third place in the poll went to the Greenlandic Child with Feeding Tube and Teddy Bear stamp (Scott B49) with almost 14 percent of the vote, and the Doves and Flowers stamp (928) with nearly 13 percent of the vote, respectively.

Tusass Greenland received a total of 3,130 votes in the contest.

As reported in March 18 issue of Linn’s, Tusass Greenland drew lots among participants in the stamp poll for prizes.

The grand prize of an iPhone 15 Pro went to Andy Macdonald from England. Macdonald says he collects stamps from China and Greenland, as well as topical stamps related to marine mammals.

Tusass Greenland also announced an additional 10 winners in the May 14 newsletter. Each of these winners received a 2023 year pack containing all 24 stamps and four souvenir sheets issued by Greenland in 2023.

More information on the stamps of Greenland can be found on the website of Tusass Greenland.

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