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American Philatelic Congress, Postal History Society combine

Jan 17, 2021, 11 AM
The American Philatelic Congress and the Postal History Society have joined together to create a new single organization, the American Philatelic and Postal History Congress.

By Michael Baadke

Two long-standing philatelic groups have announced plans to join together into a single new organization.

The American Philatelic Congress and the Postal History Society are consolidating to create a new group under the name American Philatelic and Postal History Congress.

The news was first announced by Postal History Society president Yamil Kouri in Postal History Journal, published by the society.

Kouri said that in response to a survey distributed in 2020, “a large majority” of the society’s members approved of exploring a merger with the American Philatelic Congress.

The boards of the two groups then agreed to merge under the new name, according to Kouri.

“The Postal History Journal will continue to be published in a new larger format, but the frequency of its publication will be determined by the board of directors of the new society,” Kouri’s statement continued.

“The membership dues, which are currently being evaluated, will also be established by the new board. I hope you will renew your membership in the new organization which will have more resources and an expanded scope, and of course will continue to promote the study of postal history in its broadest sense.”

The Postal History Society was incorporated in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 14, 1951, and published the first issue of its journal in May 1957.

The American Philatelic Congress, founded in 1935, is best known for its annual publication, The Congress Book. Each volume contains a number of scholarly articles addressing various philatelic subjects.

In response to an inquiry from Linn’s Stamp News, American Philatelic Congress president Nancy Clark confirmed that the societies have combined, noting that some details are still being worked out and an official announcement is still to come.

“There will still be The Congress Book annually and a combined internet website,” Clark said. “Dues will now cover at least one separate soft bound journal, with society news in addition to the history articles PHS members have been accustomed to. The Congress Book will continue to focus on original research articles over the broad span of philately we are accustomed to seeing and will continue as a hard bound volume.”

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