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Bahamas stamps pay homage to beloved Christmas carol

Nov 29, 2018, 8 AM
Four Christmas stamps, with different denominations, from the Bahamas show churches, the moon and lyrics from Silent Night.

By Denise McCarty

Four Christmas stamps issued Nov. 29 by the Bahamas include lyrics from the Christmas carol Silent Night. Each stamp includes two or three words from the first two lines of the carol.

For example, the 15¢ stamp is inscribed “Silent Night” in the lower right corner. The design depicts the islands’ oldest Baptist church, Bethel Baptist, founded in 1790. The original wooden structure has been rebuilt and renovated many times since.

The lyrics continue with “Holy Night” on the 25¢ stamp showing St. Agnes Anglican Church in Grants Town, and “All Is Calm” on the 50¢ featuring the Church of God Cathedral in Nassau. The latter stamp shows the church under a half moon, while the moon is full in the other three designs.

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The 65¢ stamp with “All Is Bright” and a view of the Hillview Seventh-day Adventist Church completes the set of four.

The stamps were designed by the firm Bee Design. Lowe-Martin printed them by lithography in sheets of 20.