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Boston Connection contest supports 2026 World Expo

Oct 18, 2023, 11 AM

By Linn’s Staff

“How many stamps can you find that relate to Boston in some way?” Thomas Fortunato, Boston 2026 public relations chair, asked in a press release announcing the first in a series of contests leading up to the Boston 2026 World Expo.

The Boston Connection contest, running from Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, invites collectors from around the world to compile a list of stamps and souvenir sheets related to Boston.

An official entry form can be found on the homepage of the Boston 2026 website starting Nov. 1.

Fortunato urges contestants to look beyond United States issues, “as several countries have also honored the people, places, events and other things that make Boston such an historic and memorable locale.”

For each stamp and souvenir sheet listed, contestants should provide the year of issue, country, reference number (and the catalog used), and a description of what is shown and how it relates to Boston.

The contestant who finds the highest number of stamps and souvenir sheets (up to 100) with a Boston connection will win a prize package of Boston 2026 mementos and souvenirs. In the case of a tie, the earliest entry wins.

Two additional winners will be chosen at random to receive the prize package.

Only one entry per person is allowed. Winners will be notified by email in early January 2024. Questions may be emailed to

Boston 2026 World Expo will take place May 23-30, 2026, at the Boston Convention and Exposition Center. Show details and instructions to sign up for email updates can be found on the expo’s website and via the expo’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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