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Cacheted FDCs for Burma’s early stamps in demand

Apr 22, 2021, 9 AM
Cacheted first-day covers for Burma’s stamps issued before 1950, such as this 1940 overprinted stamp, are in demand.

Stamp Market Tips by Henry Gitner and Rick Miller

Burma (also known as Myanmar) was part of the British raj of India from 1826 until April 1, 1937, when it became a self-governing state of the British Commonwealth.

Burma was invaded, conquered and occupied by Japan during World War II. After the war, it achieved full independence on Jan. 4, 1948.

As with earlier Indian first-day covers, early Burmese cacheted FDCs are hot through the 1949 Universal Postal Union commemorative set (Scott 116-121).

Some of these FDCs are in high demand, including short sets of the 1938-40 George VI definitive set (Scott 18A-24), and the 1940 overprint for the 100th anniversary of the world’s first postage stamp (34).

Cacheted FDCs for all of these pre-1950 issues of Burma are selling in the $50 to $250 price range and are good buys at those prices. Most of the available FDCs are addressed, which does not detract from their value.

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