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Explore the printing process of the Star Wars stamps from Great Britain

Apr 29, 2021, 7 AM
This video from Royal Mail gives fans and collectors an inside look at the processes used to print the 2015 Star Wars stamps from Great Britain.

By Colin Sallee

1. From big screen to stamp press 

In the midst of releasing a variety of Star Wars stamps, Royal Mail has provided a behind-the-scenes video that shows how the exciting stamps were produced. 

The video also provides some insight into how the stamps were designed, and gives fans and collectors a look into how the stamps were printed: from the type of ink that's used, to the amount of paper that is needed. 

2. Next Generation Delivery Vehicle to be next USPS mail truck?

“For an organization with longstanding financial troubles, the United States Postal Service has managed to attract a lot of attention with a proposed delivery truck it calls the NGDV.

“That’s the newest postal acronym for Next Generation Delivery Vehicle — a bigger, but not sleeker, delivery truck that the cash-strapped Postal Service wants to buy for residential deliveries.

“With the prospect of a $4.5 billion to $6 billion price tag, the USPS has Detroit’s truck industry salivating — despite the agency’s low credit rating.”

Read more about the next generation's delivery vehicle.

3. Four special Grosvenor sales set for Nov. 9-12

“Grosvenor Philatelic Auctions of London, England, is planning four specialized sales of stamps and postal history to celebrate the 100th Grosvenor auction.

“The 100th sale is taking place Nov. 9 and will feature part 2 of the Golden collection of Great Britain, offering issues of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, including varieties and Official stamps.”

Read our detailed report about the upcoming auctions.

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