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Isle of Man’s the Life of Bees set of six commemorative stamps

Apr 17, 2024, 2 PM
The Isle of Man’s the Life of Bees stamps designed by beekeeper Benedict Glazier highlight the critical role of bees and beekeepers in the production of the island’s honey. The six stamps were issued April 12.

By Scott Tiffney

In recognition of the 150th anniversary of the British Beekeepers Association, the Isle of Man Post Office issued a set of six stamps on April 12.

Designed by beekeeper Benedict Glazier, the stamps celebrate the life of the beehive from worker bee, drone bee and queen bee to the role of pollination, honey and the beekeeper.

“Humans have been enthralled with bees for thousands of years and the beautiful stamps give a glimpse into the wonderful world of beekeeping,” Diane Drinkwater, British Beekeepers Association chair, said.

The Isle of Man government has long recognized the importance of bees to the nation’s ecosystem by introducing the Bee Disease Act 1987.

The act bans the importation of foreign bees, equipment or beekeeping products, placing the island in an environment unaffected by the diseases and pests common to mainland bees.

Along with the British Beekeepers Association, the Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation safeguards the future of the island’s bees and their produce. Isle of Man Stamp and Coins general manager Maxine Cannon said that “our island is free of many of the problems that affect bees in the rest of the world. This is due to the hard work and vigilance of Harry Owens and our Isle of Man Beekeepers Federation.”

Belgium’s bpost printed the six stamps by offset lithography in sheets of 20.

Products available in the Life of Bees issue include a set, sheet set, first-day cover, presentation pack and self-adhesive commemorative sheet.

For ordering information, visit the Isle of Man Post Office website.

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