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Liechtenstein unveils diverse 2024 stamps

Feb 16, 2024, 8 AM

By Molly Goad

Liechtenstein’s early 2024 stamps showcase various topics, including nature, art and advocacy.

Four stamps issued by Philately Liechtenstein, the principality’s philatelic department, on Jan. 3 showcase local wild animals captured in their natural habitats by photographer Roland Rick.

The Wildlife in Liechtenstein set includes a fox (1 franc), squirrel (1.20fr), marmot (1.90fr) and the majestic stag (2.50fr). The denominations satisfy new rates that went into effect Jan. 1.

Liechtenstein also adapted to the new rates by updating four self-adhesive stamps through overprinting.

The 2009 1.30fr Marbled White Butterfly definitive stamp (Scott 1456) is now 1fr, and the 2020 2fr Spotted Darter Dragonfly stamp (1807) is now 1.20fr.

The 2023 Samina Valley fauna issue has two changes: the 90-rappen Alpine Salamander stamp (Scott 1888) was surcharged to 1.90fr, and the 1.10fr Alpine Silver Ant (1889) is 2.50fr.

Amid global conflicts, Philately Liechtenstein aims to promote peace through a 1.90fr stamp to be issued March 4.

Designer Michele Steffen-Goop conveys the message that peace originates from small acts and interpersonal connections. The Peace stamp features a subtle dove of peace as the focal point, forming the eye of a profiled face, symbolizing the hope for peace despite its delicate appearance.

Another stamp to be issued March 4 underscores the importance of a secure future for children worldwide. Called Children’s Laughter, this 1fr commemorative honors SOS Children’s Villages, an organization dedicated to the well-being, education and protection of children for 75 years.

Founded in 1949 by Hermann Gmeiner from Vorarlberg, SOS Children’s Villages has operated in 138 countries, including Liechtenstein for the past five years. Its global efforts prioritize the protection and family-based care of children who are without a safe home.

Also to be issued March 4, the latest installment in the Fine Arts series features the work of two artists: Hanni Schierscher and Evi Kliemand.

Shown on the 1fr stamp is Schierscher’s Iris, a piece created through natural self-printing on handmade paper, showcasing the artist’s process-driven approach to capturing the forces in nature.

The 1.20fr stamp features Kliemand’s 2007 gouache work Fragile Balance. According to Philately Liechtenstein, the painting “highlights the fragile, endangered balance in all living things and the perception of it.”

For more information about these new stamps, visit Philately Liechtenstein online, or write to Philately Liechtenstein, Alte Zollstrasse 11, 9494 Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein.

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