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Pop-up shop in Japan dedicated to using the mail

Sep 5, 2023, 12 PM
Japan Post opened a pop-up shop in a district of Tokyo for two weeks in August to promote sending letters and using the mail. Image courtesy of Japan Post.

Philatelic Foreword by Jay Bigalke

From Aug. 17-30, in Shibuya City, a district of Tokyo, Japan Post opened a special pop-up store dedicated to encouraging use of the mail.

Japan Post provided details in Japanese online. While language might be a barrier for me to understand all the information, the message was clear: Find a way to connect with a younger generation to promote use of the mail.

An article on provided some of the specifics about the pop-up location. In one activity, “Heartbeat♡ Heart Letter,” you would receive two pieces of stationery, each with a half-heart design. You would write your message, give the other half to another person, and complete the heart by mailing your half to that person (or they could mail it to you).

In the photo area, you could have a photo taken and made into a personalized stamp. Personalized stamps are quite popular in Japan and are seen frequently in mixtures of used stamps.

Also, postcards exclusive to the pop-up shop were available, and letter-writing tools, such as pens and stationery, could be purchased.

I have to admit I admire the hustle and effort Japan Post put toward this. It is quite refreshing.

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