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PostEurop opens poll to select the best Europa stamp of 2020

May 21, 2020, 9 AM
PostEurop’s competition for the best Europa stamp of 2020 is open through Sept. 9.

By Linn’s Staff

PostEurop, the association representing European public postal operators, opened its online competition May 9, Europe Day, to vote for the best Europa stamp of 2020.

The Europa theme for this year is ancient postal routes.

The press release announcing the poll said: ”Whether you are a philatelic enthusiast, postal fan or a history lover, this year’s Europa stamps will give you the opportunity to travel through time to where it all began for the postal industry. Exquisite stamps and sheets are showcasing some of the most well-known and historical delivery journeys and include how mail was carried throughout Europe.”

The competition is open through Sept. 9. The competition website includes images of the stamps and descriptions about them.

Agnieszka Trzaskowska, chair of the PostEurop stamps and philately working group, said of this year’s Europe stamps: “This theme gives a certain nostalgic feeling, as it represents the early day of our unique industry. When PostEurop Members were voting for the upcoming topics, one could see that the majority was rather excited with the possibility of further developing the ancient postal routes concept.

“We have seen several books, tales and beautiful stories being inspired by the long journeys postal workers had gone through in order to deliver goods across the world. Therefore, we hope that this Europa theme will be able to reach enthusiasts’ hearts with the same passion, and with the same meaning that it has for us.”

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