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Royal Philatelic Society honors several for their contributions

May 28, 2019, 4 AM

By Linn’s staff

Two officers of the American Philatelic Society are among those who recently received honors from the Royal Philatelic Society London.

Mark Schwartz, an APS director at large, was awarded the Tapling Medal for the best paper in the society’s journal, The London Philatelist.

His two-part article “The New York Postmaster Provisional and its Postal History” was published in the October and November 2018 issues.

The award is named for Thomas Tapling (1855-91), the eminent British philatelist and former officer of the society. The Tapling collection was bequeathed to the British Museum and is now found in the philatelic collections of the British Library.

APS treasurer Bruce Marsden, along with Colin Tobitt and Fred Hoadley, have each been awarded the Royal Philatelic Society London Medal for outstanding service to the society.

Vittorio Morani received the Tilleard Medal for the best afternoon display given to the society for “The Postal History of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany 1851-1862,” presented March 22, 2018.

The Lee Medal for the best evening paper given to the society was awarded to Tim O’Connor for “Dr. Franklin Will Address the Lords on the State of His Majesty’s Post,” a presentation he gave June 14, 2018.

The Crawford Medal for the most valuable and original contribution to the study and knowledge of philately published in book form has been awarded to Alan Druce for Perkins Bacon Great Britain Line-engraved Postage Stamp Printing 1840-1846.

Established in 1914, the Crawford Medal was named for James Ludovic Lindsay, the 26th Earl of Crawford, whose massive philatelic library was also donated to the British Museum and resides in the philatelic section of the British Library.

The Royal Philatelic Society London announced the award winners May 7.

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