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RPSL adds bibliography to online publication guide

Jan 19, 2022, 12 PM

By Linn’s Staff

The Royal Philatelic Society London added the second version of David Beech’s bibliography The History of Philately in Great Britain and Ireland – A Bibliography of Monographs, Grey Literature and Selected Texts to a web page devoted to published guides.

This bibliography records texts related to philately in Great Britain and Ireland, including text that has been both published and semi-published (such as internal documents, reports, meeting notes and other material not commercially available).

Beech, the former curator and head of the philatelic collections at the British library, said that he intends for his bibliography to support the current work in recording and understanding the history of philately, its organization and development and “its context in economic, political and social terms.”

He added that he recorded biographical work as well as historical, and the recorded work gives particular focus to philatelic societies.

This updated bibliography, running nearly 50 pages, is fully indexed. Its contents can be searched by keyword through the online format. The Philatelic Literature Review published the first version of this bibliography in 2016.

The Royal Philatelic Society London also includes Beech’s How to look after your Collection and Philatelic Research – A Basic Guide on its web page devoted to published guides.

Additionally, the page includes a publication style guide for the Royal Philatelic Society London and an article titled What Philatelists Need to Know About Copyright by Charles Oppenheim.

Beech said that his bibliography is a work in progress, and that anyone with further information, improvements or corrections can reach him by email at

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