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Stamps show remote coral atolls in the South Pacific

May 3, 2021, 2 AM
The Tokelau From the Sky set of four stamps, each with a different denomination, features aerial photographs of remote atolls in the South Pacific.

New Stamps of the World – By Denise McCarty 

In announcing the latest stamps from Tokelau, New Zealand Post describes the designs as offering “a bird’seye view of one of the most remote places in the world.”

Called Tokelau From the Sky, this set of four stamps was issued Sept. 5. The designs feature aerial photographs taken by New Zealand Post designer Saint Andrew Matautia.

Tokelau, three coral atolls in the South Pacific, is a dependent territory of New Zealand.

The 45¢ and $2 stamps show Atafu, the smallest of the three atolls. Its 42 coral islets have a total land mass of approximately 1 square mile.

Next in size is Fakaofo, comprised of 61 islets with a land area of almost 1.2 square miles. The largest atoll is Nukunonu with 30 islets and a land area of a little more than 2 square miles. These atolls are pictured on the $1.40 and $3 stamps, respectively.

The Collectables and Solutions Centre of New Zealand Post printed the stamps by offset in sheets of 16.

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