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The new 2024 Scott Volume 1; thousands of value changes, new images added to digital edition

Apr 3, 2023, 8 AM
Volumes 1A (United States, United Nations, countries of the world A through Australia) and 1B (countries Austria through B) of the 2024 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue are now available for purchase.

From the Scott Editor’s by Jay Bigalke

Another catalog season is upon us as we continue the journey of the 155-year history of the Scott catalogs. The 2024 volumes are the 180th edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Volume 1A includes listings for the United States, United Nations, and countries of the world Aden through Australia. Listings for Austria through B countries of the world can be found in Vol. 1B.

This year’s covers feature the Australia 2007 50¢ Three Male Lifeguards stamp (Scott 2636) from the four-stamp Surf Life Saving Australia Centennial set on the Vol. 1A catalog, and the Brazil 2001 40-centavo Ponta Negra Beach stamp (2801b) from a strip of three Beaches stamps on Vol. 1B.

Because Vol. 1B is a continuation of the first part of the Vol. 1 catalog, the introduction pages are not repeated in each volume this year.

Most advisors for the Vol. 1A United States section seem quite satisfied with what we all see as a remarkably stable market. We note that the Scott benchmark grade of very fine for almost all stamp issues remains valid for virtually all auction lots and retail offerings, and these sales have been quite consistent for some time. Therefore, there are relatively few value changes for United States in the 2024 Vol. 1A.

Of course, there always are some values that change in every catalog, as certain stamps or market segments see public offerings that clearly indicate necessary changes. Notable for 2024 are increases for the U.S. 1875 unused reprints of the 1857-60 issue (Scott 40-47). All numbers except Scott 40 see advances of 5 percent to 10 percent. Scott values for all but the 1¢ and 90¢ denominations in this set are for stamps in the grade of fine. A number of attractive examples were sold since the 2023 Scott Specialized Catalog of United States Stamps and Covers was published last October, and they all sold for very nice prices.

Several stamps in the 1869 Pictorial definitive set show strength in used condition, and values of the 1¢, 2¢, 3¢, 15¢ types I and II, and the 90¢ carmine and black high denomination all show small advances.

Scott 423B and 423C, the extremely scarce 1914 2¢ and 5¢ Washington issues, perforated 12 by 10, are valued in the grade of fine-very fine. Fortunately, sound examples with neat cancels and fine-very fine centering, exactly what Scott values, sold this past year at auction, and they brought impressive prices. As a result, 423B used moves from $10,000 to $12,500, and 423C used jumps from $15,000 to $17,500.

In the area of errors, Scott 554e, the unused 1923 2¢ Washington definitive imperforate pair, is valued for the first time, at $400.

A new U.S. classic period error was recorded this year. Listed as Scott 542a, the error is the 1920 2¢ Washington definitive, perf 10 by 11, with all color missing, that was offered and sold at auction in a full pane. This error was caused by an extraneous piece of paper falling on the plate or adhering to the pressure roller. Two examples exist in the pane, with 13 surrounding stamps having part of the color missing.

In the modern U.S. listings, a number of new errors were added. Additionally, values moved up for a few of the se-tentant commemorative forever stamp issues, continuing a trend.

Values also increased for the global forever stamps because of the continued uptick in cost for the first-class international letter rate that these stamps satisfy.

Argentina received a thorough review. More than 4,000 value changes were made, most of which were increases. One modern example is the 1990 World Cup Soccer Championships souvenir sheet of four (Scott 1679), which moved from $7 in unused condition to $9 and from $7 to $8 in used condition.

Bolivia was looked at for the 2024 catalog, and more than 200 value changes were recorded. Some values were added for the first time where dashes existed before. One such example is the 2006 Christmas stamp with a red “Agencia Boliviana de Correos” handstamp (Scott 1299A). This stamp is now listed with an unused value of $12.25 and a dash for used. Values for other handstamped stamps were added as well.

Values for Belize were reviewed, and approximately 1,350 changes were made, most of which were increases. An item of note is the 1980 Bird souvenir sheet of six (Scott 500) that went from $55 in unused and used conditions to $62.50.

Lastly, Brazil was thoroughly reviewed, and almost 7,000 value changes were made. There was a mix of increases and decreases, but increases dominated. For example, the 1973 Masonic Emblem stamp (Scott 1303) went from $1.50 unused and 65¢ used to $4.25 and $2.50, respectively.

Many other countries received reviews that are not noted in this letter. We encourage you to pay special attention to the Number Additions, Deletions and Changes listing in this volume. We also suggest reading the catalog introduction, which includes an abundance of useful information.

A digital subscription is also available for the Scott catalogs, and information about the subscription can be found online at More than 1,000 images of stamps not pictured in the print edition were added to this year’s digital catalog.

To purchase the 2023 Scott catalogs and the identifier, call Amos Media at 800-572-6885 or visit online.

To subscribe to the most current version of the digital catalog, visit the Scott Digital Catalogue Subscription page.

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