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Trombone design tops poll for 2022’s most popular music stamp

Aug 22, 2023, 11 AM
A stamp in the Austria, Land of Music series received the Yehudi Menuhin trophy after being voted the most popular music stamp of 2022. The poll was organized by Motivgruppe Musik, the International Philatelic Music Group.

By David Hartwig

A stamp showing a trombone superimposed over a sheet of music placed first in the poll for the top music stamp issue of 2022 in a poll conducted by Motivgruppe Musik, the International Philatelic Music Group. The group announced the winners in a press release sent Aug. 14.

Austria issued the stamp (Scott 2975) Feb. 16, 2022, as part of its Austria, Land of Music series, which began in 2020 with a stamp showing a double bass (2846). The series includes a 2021 stamp featuring a clarinet (2924) and a 2023 stamp picturing a cello.

In the press release announcing the contest winners, Motivgruppe Musik reported that the stamp’s designer, Kirsten Lubach, will be awarded the Yehudi Menuhin trophy.

Lubach trained as an engraver in Hanau, Germany, after high school and later passed the master engraver’s examination after studying in Finland. In 2003, she began working for the Austrian State Printing Office, where she was responsible for correcting and retouching printing plates. Lubach set up her own business in 2012 with a studio in Vienna for copper and steel engravings.

Lubach’s first engraving for Austrian Post was a 2006 stamp featuring a lynx (Scott 2061), and she has designed all four stamps in the Austria, Land of Music series. She has also designed numerous stamps for other postal administrations.

According to Motivgruppe Musik, 69 stamps from 55 postal administrations competed in this stamp poll, and collectors from 48 countries participated in the voting via the internet or at the Ibra 2023 International Stamp Exhibition.

The Trombone stamp received 8.11 percent of the total votes in the poll.

Coming in second with 7.59 percent of the votes was a stamp issued by …

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