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What’s new for 2025 Scott Standard Volume 3

Jun 3, 2024, 7 AM
Vol. 3A (countries of the world with names that begin with the letter G) and Vol. 3B (H through I countries) of the 2025 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.

From the Scott Editors by Jay Bigalke

Another catalog season is upon us as we continue the journey of the 156-year history of the Scott catalogs.

The 2025 volumes are the 181st edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Volume 3A includes listings for countries of the world beginning with the letter G. Listings for countries of the world H through I can be found in Vol. 3B.

Because Vol. 3B is a continuation of the first part of the Vol. 3 catalog, the introduction pages are not repeated in each volume this year.

The covers of this year’s catalogs feature a postal theme, a nod to the United States Postal Service’s 250th anniversary in 2025 with a photograph of a letter carrier courtesy of the Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division shown in the background.

The German Occupation Berlin 60-pfennig+30pf Railway Mail Car semipostal stamp (Scott 9NB283) from the 1990 Post and Telecommunications set of three (9NB283-9NB285) is shown on the Vol 3A catalog, and the Iceland 30-krona stamp picturing a 1933 RE 231 mail transport car (756) from the 1992 set of four Mail Trucks stamps (756-759) is featured on the Vol. 3B catalog.

For the Vol. 3 catalog, a massive undertaking was made with the review of Hungary. Approximately 8,400 value changes were made throughout, from classic to modern issues. The Scott editors consulted multiple resources that helped bring this country’s listings up to date as best as possible.

For the classic period in Hungary, approximately 1,800 value changes were made. The changes were split evenly between increases and decreases.

A number of imperforate issues that are footnoted did see increases. For example, the imperforate 1985 Olymphilex ’85 set of two increased from $10 to $17.50.

Quite a few of the value increases for Hungary’s modern issues reflected increasing values for used stamps that were the same or slightly below the value of an unused stamp. Most of the value decreases for unused modern stamps reflected a decrease in the value of the euro against the U.S. dollar.

Gibraltar was reviewed, and more than 2,000 value changes were made throughout the listings. The slight decreases outweighed the increases. One set that stood out among the increases was a set of four overprinted stamps (Scott 127-130) issued Aug. 1, 1950. In used condition, the stamps moved from $6.75 to $8.75. The values are in italics because the used stamps are valued higher than unused examples and do not trade frequently in the marketplace.

Ireland saw a number of changes as well; the detailed review resulted in almost 4,800 value changes. There were a number of increases, but decreases were more prevalent.

Minimum values for unused Ireland stamps were updated from 25¢ to 30¢ where needed. Updating other sections of the catalog to reflect that slight 5¢ increase has been a large project for Scott catalog valuers.

One notable increase in the Ireland section was for the two Bird definitives issued Aug. 25, 2003. The 7¢ stamp (Scott 1492) went from 40¢ unused to $1.65 and from 40¢ used to 85¢. The 48¢ stamp (1493) increased from $3 to $6.50. Bird topical stamps seem to perform well in the aftermarket related to value, especially for some definitives.

On the editorial side, a number of new Ireland error listings were added as minor numbers. See the Number Additions, Deletions and Changes listing for the specific references.

Honduras received careful scrutiny, with approximately 1,800 value changes made throughout the listings. Most of the changes reflected increases in value. One standout example was the sheet of 20 Insects airmail stamps (Scott C1137) issued in 2003. In unused condition, the sheet increased from $22 to $27, but in used condition, it remained at a value of $22. Editorially, a new listing, Scott C1a, was added for the 5-centavo light blue airmail stamp with inverted overprint.

Haytay and Iraq also received careful reviews.

Other countries that were reviewed are not mentioned in this letter. We encourage you to pay special attention to the Number Additions, Deletions and Changes listing in this volume.

We also suggest reading the catalog introduction, which includes an abundance of useful information.

A digital subscription is also available for the Scott catalogs, and information about the subscription can be found online at

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