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What’s new for the 2021 Scott Standard catalog volumes 4A and 4B?

Jul 2, 2020, 8 AM

From the Scott Editors by Jay Bigalke

Another catalog season is upon us as we continue the journey of the 152-year history of the Scott catalogs. The 2021 volumes are the 177th edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Vol. 4A includes listings for countries of the world J through L. Listings for countries of the world beginning with the letter M can be found in Vol. 4B.


A thorough line-by-line review of Japan took place, with almost 7,000 value changes made. These numerous changes reflected some increases, but most values were down for many post-1990s issues, reflecting the weakening of the yen. Modern used values were also changed to reflect the current market for these stamps. Some modern miniature sheets increased slightly in value, while values for component singles were reduced. Many of these issues are collected as an intact sheet and not generally as component singles.

For example, the 2017 Japan at Night sheet of 10 (Scott 4150) increased in value from $15 to $16 in both unused and used condition. For any single stamp from the sheet, the value changed from $1.50 and $1.10, unused and used, respectively, to $1.25 and 80¢, respectively.

Approximately 80 value changes were made for Kenya. A couple of recent sets are hard to find, and values were updated for them. The Tourism set of 2006 (Scott 795-806) increased from $31.20 in unused and used condition to $96 unused and $48 used. Both values are in italics, reflecting the fact that the set doesn’t trade frequently.

A couple of changes were made to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. One notable increase was for the £1 Queen Elizabeth II stamp (Scott 117), which went from $18 unused and $19 used to $24 and $22, respectively. A few souvenir sheets from the 1970s also increased in value in used condition. Scott 232a, 257a and 270a all increased to $10.

For South Korea, varieties of the 1948 and surcharged 1951 Kyongju Observatory stamps (Scott 94 and 176, respectively) were added.

More than 1,100 value changes were made for Lebanon, including the addition of values to some footnoted items. Declining values were noted through the early 1990s, followed by value increases for stamps issued from 1993 to 2011. The 1997 Massacre at Cana stamp (Scott 525) jumped from $11 unused and $2.75 used to $20 and $10, respectively.


More than 1,000 values were adjusted for Macao, with increases noted for most. Modern material continues to have interest. The 2009 Return of Macao to China, 10th Anniversary souvenir sheet (Scott 1303) increased from $2.75 in unused and used condition to $26 both ways.

Madeira was reviewed, with almost 150 value changes made. Most of these changes were slight increases.

Slightly more than 600 value changes were made for Mauritania, with a full review of the modern material. A previously footnoted Fish stamp under Scott 431B was upgraded to a major number. This stamp was not distributed to the philatelic market but was available and used for postage in Mauritania. Stamps issued after 1986 saw slight increases in value, and values were added for a number of stamps previously listed with a dash. One of the increases was for the set of three 2011 Fish stamps (Scott 825-827), which went from $7 unused and used to $25 both ways.

Approximately 1,000 value changes were made after a review of Mauritius. Earlier sets through the 1960s were fairly strong, while values for issues from the 1970s to the present were weaker. The 1972-74 set of Marine Life stamps (Scott 339a-356a) increased from $72.75 unused and $63.75 used to $79.10 and $68.85, respectively.

The more than 100 value changes made for Mayotte resulted in a mix of increases and decreases. Values were added for the first time for the set of three overprinted French stamps (Scott 95-97).

Almost 1,000 value changes were made for Morocco, with a mix of slight increases and decreases. Values increased slightly for most stamps issued between 1991 and 2005. A sizeable increase was noted for the perforation variety of the 1981 King Hassan II stamp (Scott 516a), which jumped from 25¢ to $8.50 unused. Another variety, Scott 524Ae, increased from $2 unused and $1 used to $30 and $2.50, respectively. A number of other similar minor varieties saw increases as well.

To purchase the 2021 Scott catalogs, call Amos Media at 800-572-6885 or visit online. The 2021 Scott eCatalogs are also available online.

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