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What’s new for the 2022 Scott Standard catalog Volume 2?

Sep 14, 2022, 1 PM
Volumes 2A (countries of the world Cambodia through Curacao and 2B (Cyprus through F countries) of the 2022 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue are now available for purchase from Amos Media.

From the Scott Editors by Jay Bigalke

Another catalog season is upon us as we continue the journey of the 153-year history of the Scott catalogs. The 2022 volumes are the 178th edition of the Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue. Volume 2A includes listings for countries of the world Cambodia through Curacao. Listings for Cyprus through F countries of the world can be found in Vol. 2B.

Because Vol. 2B is a continuation of the first part of the Vol. 2 catalog, the introduction pages are not repeated in each volume this year.

Much of the review for this year’s catalog took place throughout 2020 and into 2021. The world was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the effects of that hit the stamp world in multiple ways. Some collectors returned to collecting, auction houses saw increases in realizations, traditional in-person stamp shows took a pause, and collectors shifted to purchasing more online. Some of these situations impacted valuing decisions this year and could lead to more changes as we continue our reviews.

One of the significant updates to this volume is the addition of the stamps of Carpatho-Ukraine. A total of 110 new major Scott numbers were added. Carpatho-Ukraine was an autonomous region established in December 1938 within the Second Czechoslovak Republic and proclaimed an independent republic in March 1939. The Czechoslovak government-in-exile was established in Khust in late 1944 and began issuing overprinted and surcharged Hungary stamps in February 1945. The Soviet National Council of Carpatho-Ukraine (NZRU) issued three sets of definitive stamps in 1945. Carpatho-Ukraine was ceded to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1946.

For the Carpatho-Ukraine section, we would like to acknowledge the contributions of Jay T. Carrigan (1939-2015) and thank Ingert Kuzych and Mark Stelmacovich for their research and assistance with this section that was years in the making.

Canada and provinces were reviewed closely, and approximately 100 changes were made. Because of the pandemic, fewer auctions of Canadian material took place compared to previous years. For Newfoundland, two new listings (Scott 26a and 48c) were added for cover values where the major-number stamp was used as a half (bisect) on cover.

Chile received a review, and approximately 300 value changes, largely increases, were made. One of the increases was for the Flora and Fauna issue of February 1985. This block of 12 10-peso stamps (Scott 686) increased in used condition from $12.50 to $20. Values for similar stamps issued in later years also increased slightly.

China, Republic of China (Taiwan) and the People’s Republic of China were looked at closely for this volume with 80, 1,300 and 700 value changes made, respectively. For the People’s Republic of China, a number of post-2000 stamp issues with miniature sheets were footnoted and valued for the first time.

There were 75 value changes for the stamps of Colombia, many of which were increases. Some more modern material is proving difficult to find as collectors work to complete collections.

Costa Rica saw approximately 750 changes. Many of the value changes for post-1996 issues were slight increases. For example, the 2017 Insects sheet of four (Scott 687) moved from $8.75 to $9.75 in unused condition.

For Denmark, approximately 75 value changes were made. One of the important updates to this country was the addition of phosphor tagging varieties as minor listings. Around 60 new minor-letter listings were added for stamps that were issued with and without tagging. Some values were also changed to reflect the distinction between ordinary and fluorescent papers. A complete listing of the numbers added is found on the Number Additions, Deletions and Changes page in this volume.

A thorough review of Ecuador resulted in more than 1,500 value changes, with a mix of decreases and increases throughout. New overprint varieties were added for an Official and two postal tax issues: Scott O137a, RA1a and RA31b. Additionally, values were added for the Coat of Arms overprints (Scott 113 and 114). These two stamps are each valued at $100 in used condition, and Scott 113 is valued at $100 in mint condition. A dash remains for the mint value of Scott 114. These new values are in italics to indicate that the stamps trade infrequently.

Many other countries received reviews that are not noted in this letter. We encourage you to pay special attention to the Number Additions, Deletions and Changes listing in this volume. We also suggest reading the catalog introduction, which includes an abundance of useful information.

Lastly, the new Scott Stamp Illustrated Identifier, formerly included as the Illustrated Identifier in each Scott Standard catalog volume, is now a separate publication. The softcover 6-inch-by-9-inch booklet will make it easier to identify stamps while consulting listings in the Scott catalog without having to flip back and forth.

Copies of the 2022 Scott Catalogue Volume 2 (Countries C-F) are available in both print and digital formats.

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