Monday Morning Brief | New stamps in catalog

Feb 12, 2018, 3 AM

Scott catalog managing editor Chad Snee salutes his colleague Martin Frankevicz, who for almost two decades has shepherded an average of 14,000 new listings into the Scott catalogs each year.

Full Video Transcript:

Greetings fellow stamp-hobby enthusiasts and friends! Welcome to the Monday Morning Brief for February 12, 2018.

We are well into our annual cycle of editorial improvements and valuing updates for the 2019 Scott Standard Postage Stamp Catalogue.

Our deadline for volumes 3A and 3B of the 2019 Standard catalog is at the end of this week. This set of catalogs, which contains listings for countries of the world G through I, goes on sale in June.

Have you ever wondered how all those new issue listings get into the Scott catalogs each year?

For the better part of 20 years Scott senior editor Martin Frankevicz has been responsible for crafting the listings for all new stamps of the world — about 14,000 new listings each year, on average.

You can see the fruits of Marty’s Herculean labors in the Scott New Listings Update that appears in the expanded monthly issue of Linn’s Stamp News.

Among the more unusual issues recently listed was the United Nations – New York souvenir sheet of three issued October 27, 2017, to honor the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The entire text and preamble of the declaration are printed on each stamp in English, German and French.

This nifty sheet is now officially cataloged as Scott 1177.

For the Scott catalogs and Linn’s Stamp News, I’m Chad Snee. Here’s to philatelic adventures and fun in the week ahead. Cheers!