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Rate increase delay hits USPS hard
"The Postal Service gave up about $100 million in the delay in postal rate increases due to filing errors." (Read more...)

Canada Post is under fire for phasing out home delivery with 'mega mailboxes'
Canada Post has been transitioning its delivery system in urban areas from traditional door-to-door service, to communal mailboxes, but not all stakeholders are on board. (Read more...)

Germany testing parcel delivery to cars Germany testing parcel delivery to cars
The deliverery of packages to a car, rather than to a home address, is being tested in Munich, Germany, according to an April 22 press release from the Deutsche Post DHL Group. (Read more...)

Appeals court rejects PRC decision in postal rate case
A long-awaited decision by a United States federal appeals court has failed to end a dispute over the last postal rate increase. (Read more...)

Postal Service 'controllable income' rises in second quarter
Despite a continuing drop in first-class mail volume, the United States Postal Service recorded a slight gain in "controllable income" in the second quarter ended March 31. (Read more...)

Some USPS rates set to increase May 31
The Postal Regulatory Commission has given its approval to a series of price increases that the United States Postal Service plans to implement May 31. (Read more...)

PRC chairman says USPS can 'keep moving forward'
If anyone in Washington should be worried about the future of the United States Postal Service, it should be Robert Taub, acting chairman of the Postal Regulatory Commission. (Read more...)

Heraldic beasts appear on British labels
Great Britain’s Royal Mail will feature six heraldic beasts on pictorial computer-produced self-adhesive postage labels to be issued May 13 during London 2015 Europhilex, which will take place May 13-16 at the Business Design Centre in London, England (Read more...)

Penner wants U.S. stamp program to have impact Penner wants U.S. stamp program to have impact
The stamp services staff at United States Postal Service headquarters may have shrunk to 15, but it can still have a powerful impact. (Read more...)

Man charged with defrauding the USPS to tune of $650,000 appears in court
A North Carolina man charged with bilking United States Postal Service locations out of $650,000 worth of stamps and other merchandise went before a judge in Charlotte for the first time Wednesday, (Read more...)

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