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Aug. 12 ceremony details for U.S. Elephants stamp

Jul 12, 2022, 11 AM
The new nondenominated (60¢) Elephants stamp will debut at the Elephant Discovery Center in Hohenwald, Tenn.

By Linn’s Staff

The United States Postal Service has revealed details of the Aug. 12 first-day ceremony for its Elephants commemorative forever stamp.

The ceremony will take place Friday, Aug. 12, at 11 a.m. at the Elephant Discovery Center, 27 E. Main Street, in Hohenwald, Tenn.

The Elephant Discovery Center is part of the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, which provides refuge for elephants that have retired from zoos and circuses. The sanctuary currently houses nine elephants and contains three habitats spanning more than 3,060 acres.

The ceremony is free and open to the public. A registration form is available online.

Aug. 12 is celebrated as World Elephant Day. According to World Elephant Day, “The elephant is loved, revered and respected by people and cultures around the world, yet we balance on the brink of seeing the last of this magnificent creature.”

Rafael Lopez designed the U.S. stamp using his original artwork. The USPS said that this illustration showing an elephant interacting with a calf represents the affectionate nature of the animals.

The stamp will be printed by offset by Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd. in a quantity of 175 million stamps, and it will be sold in double-sided panes of 20.

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