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British Library philatelic research guide published

Sep 30, 2019, 9 AM
A Guide to Philatelic Research at the British Library by David R. Beech was published this year.

Philatelic Foreword by Jay Bigalke

Philatelic researchers have a new tool available, thanks to the efforts of David R. Beech, the former philatelic collection curator for the British Library.

Titled A Guide to Philatelic Research at the British Library, the 50-page black-and-white monograph was created “to provide information to the philatelic research community, and other specialist users of the British Library’s Philatelic Collections,” according to the introduction.

The softcover monograph lists the library’s 78 philatelic collections by name and by subject. Alphabetically, the subject list begins with Afghanistan and ends with World II, with Colombia, Italian States, Mexico and much more found in between.

Details are provided on how to make arrangements to view the philatelic collections when visiting the British Library in London.

Another section is devoted to other collections of interest for philatelic research, including the records of the India Office and British East India Company, newspapers of the world, manuscripts, and more.

A basic guide on how to conduct philatelic research, which is included as an appendix, provides useful pointers.

Beech has arranged to sell this guide in the United States through philatelic literature dealer Leonard Hartmann for $12 plus postage. For more information or to order, visit online at, email or write to Philatelic Bibliopole, Box 36006, Louisville, KY 40233.

The British Library is located at 96 Euston Road in London. To learn more about the philatelic collection, visit the library's website.

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