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Completing a matched set of Snow Globes stamps and postmarks

Jan 9, 2024, 12 PM
Four postmarks were used during December at mail-processing plants nationwide with designs showing a snowman, Santa, a tree and buildings. What makes these four examples special is that they correspond with the Snow Globes stamps used on the envelopes.

Philatelic Foreword by Jay Bigalke

In my Philatelic Foreword column in the Jan. 1 issue of Linn’s, I highlighted the four new holiday sprayed-on postmarks being used throughout the United States.

The designs mostly corresponded with the 2023 Snow Globes forever stamps (Scott 5816-5819) issued Sept. 19, 2023. Those stamps show a snowman, Santa Claus, a deer and a tree.

The four new postmarks show snow globes with a snowman, Santa, a tree and a row of three buildings.

In the Jan. 1 column, I posed a bit of a challenge: to seek out examples of the Snow Globes stamps postmarked with these designs, but also to try to find examples where the stamp and postmark match.

I’m happy to report, with the help of colleague Charles Snee in the Linn’s editorial office, that I have completed my collection of four.

Fortunately, we still receive quite a bit of mail in the office, and completing the task didn’t take as long as I thought it would.

But on holiday cards at home, that was a different story. I believe I have one Santa-Santa match so far.

Here’s hoping other collectors were as successful as I was in putting together a small holiday-themed postmark collection.

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