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Ice cream tops stamp gum for March cartoon caption contest winner

Apr 6, 2024, 10 AM
The winner of the philatelic line in the March cartoon caption contest featuring the 1998 32¢ Celebrate the Century stamp showing children with ice cream cones at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair is Josh Tanski of Varrysburg, N.Y.

U.S. Stamp Notes by John M. Hotchner

The March cartoon caption contest featured the Celebrate the Century 32¢ stamp (Scott 3182e) showing children enjoying ice cream cones at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. The stamp was one of 15 in the 1900s Celebrate the Century pane (Scott 3182) issued Feb. 3, 1988.

Several Linn’s readers drew a parallel to today’s connoisseur of ice cream cones in chief.

The first entry to do this was from Elgin Sink of New Cumberland, Pa.: “Wanna bet that one of our American presidents will be a big fan of these things too?”

The costumes of the kids on the stamp also drew quite a bit of notice. Mildred Barylski of Warrenton, Va., represents this group with a brief conversation between them. The girl asks: “Why are you frowning?” The boy’s answer: “Because Mom made me wear this stupid hat!”

Josh Tanski of Varysburg, N.Y., wins the best philatelic line, shown in the illustration above.

On the nonphilatelic side, Rich Wolf of Westminster, Md., wins with a concept not known in 1904: “What do you mean you’re lactose intolerant?”

Both winners will receive a 13-week subscription to Linn’s (a new subscription or an extension).

Here are the best of the other runners-up:

“Wow, a handle for ice cream! What will they think of next?” by Clyde Hold of Raleigh, N.C.

“I’m older than you are, so I should have gotten two scoops!” from David Vikan of Dickinson, N.D.

“This will help settle your stomach after spinning on that big wheel!” sent by Michael Moticha of Apple Valley, Calif.

“Dad has a large mailing going out today, and I have to lick all the stamps. But if I keep on eating ice cream, I won’t be worth a lick!” from Mark Saltzman of Fort Collins, Colo.

“Do you think they used a Z grill to make these waffle cones?” by Steve Kotler of San Francisco, Calif.

Thanks and a tip of the hat to all who entered. The next contest will be announced in the May 13 issue of Linn’s.

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