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Inside Linn’s: Frank Lloyd Wright stamp yields possible solo uses

Oct 19, 2023, 6 AM
In Modern U.S. Mail in the Nov. 6 issue of Linn’s Stamp News, Richard L. Beecher makes the case for two possible solo uses of the 1966 2¢ Frank Lloyd Wright stamp.

By Charles Snee

The Nov. 6 digital-only issue of Linn’s Stamp News will be available to subscribers Saturday, Oct. 21. While you wait for your issue to arrive in your inbox, enjoy these three quick glimpses of exclusive content available only to subscribers. 

Frank Lloyd Wright stamp yields possible solo uses

In his debut as Linn’s Modern U.S. Mail columnist, Richard L. Beecher takes a close look at two covers franked with just the 1966 2¢ Frank Lloyd Wright stamp from the Prominent Americans definitive (regular-issue) series. Beecher makes a convincing case for both covers as legitimate, in-period solo uses of the 2¢ Wright stamp. Nonetheless, some uncertainty remains. For example, does the Sept. 27, 1971, duplicate certificate of mailing pictured above represent a proper solo use of the 2¢ Frank Lloyd Wright stamp? Beecher argues that it’s difficult to know because the certificate does not bear an endorsement explicitly stating it is a duplicate.

Blog site keeps track of unusual stamps

In Computers and Stamps, William F. Sharpe explores Philaquely Moi, a blog about unusual stamps. According to Sharpe, the blog’s author “has been posting information since 2013 about many unusual stamps issued around the world.” “You can get some idea of his variety of stamp issues from the posts displayed on the left side of the home page and the detailed list of entries on the right,” Sharpe explains. When Sharpe viewed the home page for his column, an augmented reality stamp issued May 9, 2023, by Switzerland was on display. There’s much more to this innovative blog, so be sure to check out the entire column.

Collector’s Forum: a stamp from Egypt or maybe Trans-Jordan

The intent of the Collectors’ Forum column is the publication of letters and requests for the exchange of information within the hobby. Linn’s editors give answers or partial answers when known. This week a Linn’s reader from California is stumped by a stamp in his collection. “From its denomination (‘20 MILLS’), I supposed it might be from Egypt or possibly Trans-Jordan,” the reader says in his letter. “It’s my guess it was issued during the first half of the 20th century.” In their reply, Linn’s editors reveal the stamp’s identity.

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